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About PATH

The Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH) is a not-for-profit international coalition of hydrogen associations that seeks international cooperation to help advance the transition to hydrogen as a carbon-free energy carrier and a solution to environmental and energy issues.

PATH was established in 2002 in collaboration with the governments and national hydrogen associations of Canada, Japan and the United States. Today, 20 associations and partnering organizations, across 5 continents belong to PATH, representing 79% of the world's GDP and 40% of the global population.

Since its founding PATH has focused on three major activities: building the international network of hydrogen advocates by holding Executive Meetings around the world; sharing information among partners through newsletters, webpages, and the Initiative Database; and developing codes and standards for the safe use of hydrogen. The PATH Board of Directors has drawn up a list of additional activities that PATH should engage in, including: helping countries form hydrogen associations; sharing association management best practices; sharing public education and other outreach communications among partners; facilitating professor and student exchanges between countries; and maintaining a calendar of events and project opportunities.

The national association(s) of each country may apply to be a partner of PATH.  It is the responsibility of that association to represent all or as much as possible of the hydrogen interests within their country.  In certain circumstances, it may be permissible for multiple associations from within the same country to join PATH. If a country does not have an association, the interim member may be an appropriate institute or government agency, although it is PATH’s goal to have an industry-oriented association created when circumstances warrant.  PATH associations are encouraged to communicate with and engage state/provincial and similar organizations within its country.

Organization and Governance
PATH will be governed by the General Assembly composed of a representative of each association. A Board of seven Directors elected by the General Assembly will conduct management oversight, conduct routine business, and make recommendations to the General Assembly for actions and votes of the General Assembly. A Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, with two-year terms, will be elected by the Board and will be the visible, public leaders of PATH. 

Joining PATH

PATH Partnership Application

Joining PATH is easy: We charge no dues! Fill out the application form and send it to Brian Schorr, PATH's Program Manager.

PATH Documents

PATH - What do we do? - General Information - October 2008
PATH Bylaws
PATH Board and Partnership Summary - April 2008
PATH Actions and Goals - June 2008

PATH Board of Directors

Claude Derive, Association Française pour l'Hydrogène et les Piles à Combustible
Javier Fortuna, Sociedad Mexicana del Hidrógeno
Dennis Hayter, U.K. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association
Terry Kimmel, The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (Chairman)
Guglielmo Liberati, Italian Hydrogen Forum
Mao Zong Qiang, China Association for Hydrogen Energy
Marieke Reijalt, European Hydrogen Association (Vice Chairman)
Johannes Toepler, Deutscher Wasserstroff-und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (DMW)

PATH Officers

Jeff Serfass, General Manager
Jay Laskin, Treasurer
Brian Schorr, Secretary

PATH Staff

Brian Schorr, Program Manager
Beatrice Holdstein, Program Fellow

PATH is managed by Technology Transition Corporation (TTC)


Join PATH!

application form

If you have questions on the work of PATH, its projects or the application procedure, please give us a call (+1-202-457-0076) or email Brian Schorr, PATH Program Manager.

Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen

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