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PATHways – New Report Assessing Progress in the Global Hydrogen Industry

Many countries around the world are working to build a clean and secure energy future. Stakeholders of a global hydrogen economy need to understand the developments related to hydrogen energy and current events that are shaping the process. The Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH) has begun to facilitate such an understanding by producing "PATHways: Assessing Progress in the Global Hydrogen Industry."

The report incorporates the perspectives of leaders in the worldwide hydrogen and fuel cell industry, as well as views from leaders in government, education, and related business sectors. By establishing a broad base of knowledge, this report will accomplish two main objectives:

(1) help existing and emerging leaders expand the commercialization of hydrogen locally and globally; and
(2) educate outside leaders and the public about present and future opportunities for hydrogen energy. The full report is scheduled for release in 2010.

Proceeding country by country, and region by region, PATH will explore how organizations and governments around the world are supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy, how individuals understand the benefits and risks of hydrogen technology, what practices lead to success, what challenges need to be overcome, and how organizations plan to move forward. The final report will include a set of recommendations for stakeholders.


In conjunction with the production of the report, PATH records - with permission - the interviews of leader from the industry, government or associations of individual countries. Subscribe to the podcasts and stay up-to-date on new developments in the hydrogen industry.

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Download individual episodes:

France - Interview with Paul Lucchese, Director of the New Energy Technology Programme in France (.mp3)
Brazil - Interview with Ericson de Paula of DCT Energia (.mp3)
Canada - Interview with Terry Kimmel of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) (.mp3)
Italy - Summary of the Interviews with Marco Carcassi (University of Pisa) and Giovanni Principi (University of Padua) (.mp3)
Germany - Interview with Johannes Toepler of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) (.mp3)
Mexico - Interview with Javier Fortuna and Jose Anaya of the Mexican Hydrogen Association (.mp3)
New Zealand - Interview with Attilio Pigneri of the Massey University Centre for Energy Research (.mp3)
Germany - Interview with Klaus Bonhoff of the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology (.mp3)

Webinar on Hydrogen Initiatives in Canada:

This webinar featured two leaders of the most ambitious and successful hydrogen projects in Canada: The Hydrogen Village in Toronto and BC's Hydrogen Highway. Watch to learn the critical roles of the public and private sectors in this emerging market model and why both projects have remained financially and politically successful through 2008.

Watch our webinar on hydrogen initiatives in Canada.

Take our Survey!

If you are an expert of the hydrogen sector, please consider taking our survey on the global state of Hydrogen.

Your answers will enable us to get a better basis for the final report. If you are interested to participate even more, we can arrange a telephone interview. Please contact PATH's Program manager, Brian Schorr for further information.


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