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Hello- and WELCOME to the non-member Annual Report contribution site. If you are NOT a member of PATH but would like to contribute to our data and information cache for this report, please do so below.

If you are a member, PLEASE LOGIN.


The issues that will be addressed in this Report include:

  • Status of PATH associations and accomplishments over the course of the year
  • Country Information
    • Production rates
    • Current government funding and initiatives at the industry and university levels
  • Market Data
    • Numbers of hydrogen vehicles operating and number of public and private fueling stations
    • Data on hydrogen-fueled off road vehicles like fork lifts
    • Data on hydrogen-fueled power generation in various applications
  • Education Statistics
  • Events planned for next year
  • Public perception of hydrogen energy and the industry overall
  • Employment related to the hydrogen industry

1) If you are a member of an association that is part of PATH and have been asked to fill out a worksheet for the Annual Report, please select worksheet from the list below.

Additional Data Form
Public Perception Worksheet
Membership Profile Worksheet

You may submit these complete forms as pdf documents HERE with the email subject line:
ATTN: PATH Annual Report information/materials Non-Member


2) To submit data or information such as pdf reports, studies or other documents, please email us HERE and be sure to have your subject line as follows:

ATTN: PATH Annual Report information/materials Non-Member


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