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PATH Executive Meeting on Codes & Standards and Hydrogen Messages

Date: 20 May 2010
Time: 15:45-19:00
Venue: MESSE ESSEN Süd (South), Rooms M and L
Location: Essen, Germany (in conjunction with the 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference)
Hosts: Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (DWV) (German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association) and the European Hydrogen Association
Supported by: U.S. Department of Energy

Workshops Agenda


Messaging Workshop Summary (with workshops participant list)

Workshop I: “International Codes & Standards” – An interactive discussion designed to identify international Codes & Standards needs from the individual country perspective, prioritize those needs, and outline a plan for achieving them. This international workshop is being supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and is dependent upon input and discussion from all PATH associations and their members.

Workshop II: “Developing International Hydrogen Messages” – A content-based sharing of Association hydrogen messages and a discussion of how PATH can help develop single international messages, endorsed by all associations, to be used internationally. Please bring examples of your education and outreach materials so that we can see what we have to build on, and develop a plan for PATH messages to the public, politicians and industry stakeholders.


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